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The occasion of National Day - pig breeding farm introduced preferential polici
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Henan breeding farm owned pig piglet piglets pigs and poultry farm is a national priority, the national leading agricultural enterprises, the best pig enterprises, Henan Province, pollution-free pigs. Piglets. Miaozhu breeding base. Overall area of 2000 acres, more than 150 employees, a modern red line Landrace, British Department of Yorkshire, the core of the U.S. Department of Duroc pig breeding farm of the original 3, 1200 based on the three-zone sow breeding pig heart model Field Block 1, Block 2 of binary field multiplication sows, the total assets of 36 million yuan. 3400 sow herd based on the audience, the annual capacity of 40,000 for the species, sold to 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. At the same time, built the country's first post-doctoral research station livestock industry, swine artificial insemination service centers, pig performance measurement stations, and the Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry Center to the "potency of the Ministry of Agriculture Feed Safety Supervision and Testing Center and pig test base", etc. research and technology promotion agency, is currently the most modern, world famous pig of the whole, the largest modern education the original fan base pig, and human resources, technology, facilities and variety to create and maintain a leading edge. On three occasions since 1986, the introduction of Dan from the Department of Landrace origin of the original British series about a gram of the original breeding pigs, the former United States Department of Duroc pigs, became the only company that has the world's three most famous former pig breeding farms. With the China Agricultural University for technical cooperation, the establishment of post-doctoral research station enterprise, the introduction of high-level personnel, conducting research and development of breeding technology, the use of molecular breeding technology, successfully bred a leading world-class "is animal husbandry," quality of the original pig and continues from the United States, Canada introducing high quality pig semen, pig breeding to improve the quality of this year, Henan state breeding farm breeding pigs and piglets commitment on behalf of China - China pig model cooperation projects in Cambodia, "is animal husbandry," pigs will As the most high-quality pig exports to Cambodia. In accordance with the pig standardization, equipment modernization, data management of, the field of ecological-oriented positioning, targeting, leading, world-class direction, increasing scientific research, production facilities and equipment investment, especially investment of 16 million yuan in 1998 to build the domestic heart of the current process group of the most advanced breeding farm, to achieve a pig unit type, all in all out of the factory assembly line production of high-tech pig, and first-class design won first prize for outstanding works, Ministry of Agriculture. Three areas of international-class style pig breeding farm. Supporting the construction of 150-scale swine artificial insemination station. In breeding facilities, from the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Italy, Taiwan and other countries and regions, the introduction of performance measurement systems, artificial insemination equipment, automatic feeding system, GPS and other advanced computer management system equipment. "Based in Henan, for the country to the world" for enterprise development, the former pig farm has identified the first decade of this century's "three-step" development strategy: High from the first step to technology development and business development as the carrier, the "national demonstration project of modern agricultural high-tech industry - application of molecular breeding and the breeding of high-quality industrial pig combination", "863 - Digital Agricultural fine culture platform technology research and application ", China and Cambodia agricultural technical cooperation projects -" China and Cambodia pig production model "and the" second phase of the Ministry of Agriculture seed plan "and other projects to do it, do a good job. Further expand the strength of enterprises, improve the "production, processing and sale of" integration of industrial chain, accounting for more market share in competition, encourage more farmers to increase. While further development and expansion of livestock associations, give full play to the role of national associations, and expand services to the city and the national spread of services.