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Chinese piglets and the ups and downs
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Why pork more expensive? Why are less and less meat? When you come to known as "China piglets town" reputation Rudong County, Jiangsu Province, take a look at the status of pig farmers and listen to the ups and downs of their time, what you All understand. Farmer: Homes built before swine pig hands now empty This reporter recently in a large town Rudong largest pig farmers Chahe town of Forest Village are home to find love, only three large barn more than just two sows and 10 piglets, appears empty. "Gone sows and piglets, pigs Meat prices can not it? "61-year-old forests much, but sharply, from his eyes you see more of a confused and helpless. Forests I remember very clearly, their home since 1970 is keeping sows and piglets, and even though there are many restrictions, but the local "rich did not forget to study, not forgetting the poor pig," the tradition of so many families in the penumbra to raise Colonization with the cadres who are also an eye, close one eye, so Rudong become the famous "hometown of piglets", piglets are sold to more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions, furthest to Xinjiang. "Over the last pig was able to make money, over the years basically do not make money, or even lost money." Forests rely on annual raise a few hundred head sows and piglets, has his two sons built a small Western-style, looks a little better than the city Difference in the villa. "In 2006, I and his wife raised three sows only, sold more than 70 piglets, basically did not earning any money, fussing year empty handed. Last year, has eliminated a sow, pigpen empty more than half. Now Market is good, but no pigs to sell. " "Many people have a clear field. Go on like this, pigs can not be raised, the state has one of the tubes." Forests that last year desperately feed prices, swine have been, but he kept the pork price fall , made my heart grow too Panic. "Two sons and daughter are strongly reluctant to raise pigs and would prefer to work in factories, pig stable income, and sometimes higher." Wang Aihua Rudong livestock improvement station that the current high cost of pigs, such as the feed of about 0.8 yuan / kg, can not long feed samgun pound of meat, combined with more expensive drugs, and last year a pound Pigs can only be sold About four-and pigs have become Kuibenmaimai. Hot concern: "Food Safety Law" will be held on June 1 formally implemented.