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Be forced come home raise a pig year earn 1 million
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    Li Tu becomes the focal person that now is in relief county of Hunan Province laurel, a 6 buccal people are annual income many yuan 100, go which to be able to gain the insight that people envies, because name became big, this calls Deng Xiaoying girl 5 years ago searchs actively come to do obeisance to division to beg art, the result became Li Jia's daughter-in-law, pass in the village for a much-told story.
    Renyi of laurel in relief county presses down Li Rijiang of villager of Chinese parasol village: "What his own daughter-in-law also sees develop inside his home is very good, develop very good word, such daughter-in-law run. Such daughter-in-law run..
    On May 18, 2006, it is the favour comes, li Tu is become obtain Hunan Province " award of Yuan Longping science and technology " , become the topic with eristic streets and lanes again. What does a pure farmer rely on to accumulate wealth of a huge sum? Prentice how be to become daughter-in-law? Why can award of Yuan Longping science and technology fall to the head of this farmer? Because the Li Tu 10 years ago becomes an obstinate decision,actually all all these are.
    Li Tu was become 1996 relied on this bulldozer to leave tens of thousands of yuan of 10 money to assemble of Cheng of others charge for the making of sth. , those who become a village to go up is rich door, it is a good thing originally, can be a family member however for these money how beautiful law each hold oneself see.
    The old partner Liu that Li Tu becomes is clear base: "Because of those friends, my that eldest sister is to be inside the city, call me to go inside the city. Call me to go inside the city..
    Li Tu becomes: "I won't deal, I won't sit then in the city hill eats empty, I think I am the son of the farmer anyway, I have a land in the country. I have a land in the country..
    In this world of Hunan Province laurel prefectural country has not to become the established practice of article, whose home has money to be about to move the home in the city, spend comfortable time, the old partner that Li Tu becomes has booked a room in the city, but whats do not agree with Li Tu accepted theory or formulation, the reason is he saw an information on the market in the city.
    Li Tu becomes: "I go to county of that fine standing grain made an on-the-spot investigation, there are a few large pig farms over there, the benefit of the pig is particularly good at that time, the price of pig gross weight is 10.05 yuan a kilogram, a pig has 1 at that time more than 1000 yuan of money. A pig has 1 at that time more than 1000 yuan of money..
    Reporter: "How many money can you earn? "How many money can you earn??
    Li Tu becomes: "At that time probably a pig can earn 200 yuan of money. "At that time probably a pig can earn 200 yuan of money..
    Become besides Li Tu inside the home beyond nobody is willing to continue to stay to raise a pig in the country, be forced to appeal to kin home to persuade family member Li Tu to become, touched a nail however.
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