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Kind the careless benefit that raise a pig is good
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Rural land is resourceful, spring farmer can make full use of the unused land such as field edge of a field cultivates high grade grazing to developLive pigBreed. A variety of two grass introduce to raise the pattern of the pig below:

Xian CaoBreedMode time is chosen in Chun Xia season, plant the juicily forage grass such as seed bead amaranth, aggregate grass, chicory, xian Cao adds a quantity to occupy the % of 15 % ~30 of ration, form a complete set of every 10 pigs 1 mu of grazing.

Careless pink adds mode to cultivate breed to be lucerne, xia Qiuli uses Xian Cao, wintry spring is added with careless pink form, grazing occupies the % of 8 % ~15 of ration, clove of form a complete set of every 10 pigs 0.5 mus.

Kind the feasibility that grass raises a pig is analysed from the pig - it is feasible in light of the food chain of grazing. The pig is to browse the omnivorous animal with stronger capability, especially admirable pig plants our country place. High grade grazing andFeedCrop is in squaring period or ear period crude fibre content inferior, lignin is very few, nutrient can be digested adequately to absorb by the pig, nutrient value is higher. Manufacturing practice makes clear, pig all the year round raise feeds succulence, can fill with blueness essence of life, reduce cost, satisfy nutrition, increase produce child several, improve the flesh to pledge; Use mucky water to plant careless, can rise to purify environmental action, make raise a pig to be on the orbit of benign loop.

Be opposite from grazing is beneficial in light of the sanitarian action of the pig. It is the action that road of fill stomach bowel reachs since the crude fibre in grazing and feed crop, make the pig produces full abdomen move, reduce a pig compasses addiction behavior. 2 it is crude fibre has certain stimulation effect to the gastric bowel mucous membrane of the pig, the peristalsis that stimulative stomach bowel, to the excretes a move to clean an agent action of excrement and urine. Can raise the eduction rate of microbial toxin at the same time, yi Ke forms temporary union other people with harmful to the pig material inside enteron, and not action at pig body, protect the health of the pig, having alexipharmic effect. Still can prevent the happening of disease of pig gastric ulcer, oedema and diarrhoea effectively. 3 it is the sow feeds the succulence with right amount raise in bosom pregnancy, can carry high yield to live child count and ablactation survive several. 4 it is diet fiber has the effect that accelerates bile to excrete, be helpful for preventing gallbladder and bile duct stone, prevent fatty liver. In addition, diet fiber still has increase enteron and splanchnic organ weight to wait for action.

Look from the pig to the demand of grazing, afore-mentioned form a complete set can satisfy requirement. In normal production the condition falls, average every pig needs grazing (dry matter) 80 kilogram, conversion makes an appointment with 800 kilogram into Xian Cao, xian Cao mu produce overcome in myriad of 6000 kilogram ~1 about, cultivate 1 mu of Xian Cao to be able to satisfy the edible demand of 10 first-born pig.
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