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After raising a pig to sell first, raise
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Countrywide pork price upsurges generally since last year, and as as a result of,supply the industry such as square breed aquatics, treatment, commerce of market price case gigantic wave motion also dare not enlarge production quickly, this makes pork price high the situation of look forward to fails to change all the time.

The reporter learned recently, be aimed at afore-mentioned circumstances, dalian Commodity Exchange begins to prepare hog futures quickly since last year. The hope discovers with the price of option market function and risk protection mechanism coach the enterprise is produced, then hopeful stabilizes market price case.

Development of Guangzhou of Dalian Commodity Exchange and service headquarters Director Yang Jianling tell a reporter, at present big business place works about the preparation of hog futures already basic be in order, mixed in October 2007 this year was in Wuhan and Guangzhou to begin complete a business transaction of live pig imitate successfully respectively January. If be in without hopeful of accident hog futures,roll out inside year this year.

The price discovers mechanism conduce stability is supplied

Liu Xingjiang of general manager of big business place thinks, if have hog futures, the price that pig farming can consult futures did not come, oneself sign a contract beforehand with butcher factory and live pig trafficker, order good value, implementation " after selling first, raise " , no matter how market price case changes, can ensure the profit that gets expectant stabilizing, come so pig farming can be at ease quite go boldly raising a pig.

And change to dimensions breed an enterprise, can give column plan according to live pig, through cost accounting, in option market timely sell in installment piece, implementation " after selling first, raise " , before live pig gives column " the edge raises an edge to sell " , lock up pattern of price of a system of fixed quotas for marketing ahead of schedule, stability breeds accrual. Butcher enterprise can plan according to treatment, purchase live pig group by group in option market, safeguard raw material stabilizes supply, lock up ahead of schedule purchase cost surely, realize the normal movement of butcher line, ensure steady gains.