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4 revise increase of the synergism that raise a pig
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Change fatten phase to be fed in great quantities feed protein feed to be be fed less or do not feed

Raising pig of pig fatten phase to grow in the past is long mainly adipose, raising pig focal point now is not long adipose, grow muscle however. Accordingly, if feed protein feed to be like soya-bean cake or earthnut cake in great quantities, the pig must contain protein inside gastric bowel path azotic part is shucked off, other not translate into of nitric part ability is adipose, but take off nitrogen to want to waste energy more.

Additional, soya-bean cake or earthnut contain many not saturated fatty acid inside cake, after be being fed more, can make the adipose molten of the pig and hair is yellow, reduced fleshy quality. Additional, cake kind the market price of feed is gotten higher than other feed much, multi-purpose can raise raise to raise cost, also be a kind of waste.

Change feed ripe hello make a living hello

After feed is thoroughlied cook, the vitamin is destroyed entirely almost, the protein ageing in feed is metamorphic. According to computation, feed has the nutrient composition loss of 20% to drop in the process that thoroughly cook, loss of has boiled succulence nutrition composition is bigger. When if be in,stew is boiled long put bowl inside, nitrite still can appear when raise is fed toxic phenomenon, serious meeting causes pig death. And unripe it is OK to feed greatly the effective utilization rate of feed, reduce specific power consumption and artificial cost, and still can shorten raise cycle.

Change raise of big abdomen of rare soup fill to feed a method to be dry raise

The traditional in the past water that changes rare soup fill expects the means that feed a swine is very unscientific, its are main harm is, increased the energy that place of metabolization of the water inside pig body requires, increased the burden of kidney. diluent the chroma of digestive juice, go against the exudation of pig digestive juice. Accelerated feed to carry the rate of enteron, lowered the digestive rate of feed, be in especially winter is more serious. The dry matter that the pig obtains because of place is little, influence day weightening finish is measured and give column to lead.

To raise a pig collect appetite, let a pig eat more, grow quickly, should advocate raise to feed stiff congee makings, makings water compares for 1: 2, also can adopt raise to feed unripe wet mix makings, makings water compares for 1: 1, still can use the method of dry raise in addition, supply waters amply.

Change big pig to give column to be timely give column

Big pig gives column, not only factitious ground spun raise cycle, increased to raise cost, and return grow in quantity the opportunity of pig feeling catch a disease, increased to raise a risk. The growth of the pig the law that development has its oneself, the pig of 100 kilogram above grows rate is slow, accordingly, the butcher of the pig should begin to decelerate in weightening finish speed, when feed pay begins to drop, undertake. The pig grows the most comfortable temperature of development is ℃ of 18 ℃ ~23, the pig when 18 ℃ are the following grows rate is slow, enter winter especially, air temperature drops, from the respect regard that reduces feed cost, yo should give column or butcher ahead of schedule as far as possible into the pig.
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