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Unscramble the 2008 policy that raise a pig
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Basis " the announcement that government of Zhejiang province people admits stable market pork to supply about promoting live pig to produce " (politics of short for Zhejiang Province invents report (2007) 107) , my province will use the land to stock raising preferential arrangement, bring into dimensions zoology farm countryside with the ground (town) land uses overall planning and program of economic society development, the cultivate birds farm that organization of organization of rural collective economy, economy of collaboration of farmer, stock raising builds according to the program presses agriculture to use ground government with the ground.

Construction of standardization dimensions farm gives aid to policy

2008, central finance continues to arrange 2.5 billion yuan of capital to give aid to a batch of live pig standardize construction of dimensions farm infrastructure, especially dung corrupt standardization of processing, piggery transforms the circuit that reach water, construction such as epidemic prevention. What I save is arrange to give aid to amount will still achieve 59 million yuan in the center of.

Province finance will continue to plan 10 million yuan of special fund 2008, give aid to dimensions of live pig of new development of and other places of city of beautiful water, Wen Zhou, stage changes zoology to breed, the zoology dimensions pig farm that asks to obtaining a provision via saving project approving to build, by province finance every one-time allowance 200 thousand yuan.

Policy of allowance of can numerous sow

Basis " the announcement that general office of the State Council supplies about giving aid to live pig produces stable market further " , come from July 1, 2008 on June 30, 2009 inside this one year, the country turned over one times than 2007 year to the subsidy level of can numerous sow, every allowance increases 100 yuan. I save concerned branch to studying formulate is specific allowance method.

Live pig is thoroughbred allowance policy

Will continue to thoroughbred to live pig field is built and use thoroughbred pig seminal fluid to begin live pig with the province in the center of 2008 test-tube implement allowance policy. Among them: Will continue to give aid to my province builds construction of numerous field of enlarge of 5 above live pig in the center of, choice part live pig at the same time network of test-tube technology service is compared perfect, the county with test-tube higher popularity rate carries out live pig live pig is thoroughbred allowance project. The allowance policy with test-tube live pig is:

Subsidy level: Press every can numerous sow year progenitive two embryoes, every embryo hybridization uses 2 seminal fluid, every seminal fluid is calculated 10 yuan, every can numerous sow year allowance 40 yuan.

Allowance means: Provincial Ministry of finance department of finance of class of county of appropriate of fund of door general allowance, use seminal fluid according to every embryo hybridization by department of prefectural class finance not 2 over seminal fluid, every seminal fluid not prep above 10 yuan, supply an unit with thoroughbred pig seminal fluid (include to plant boar station, kind the production such as pig farm is thoroughbred the organization of pig seminal fluid and unit, the following abbreviation offers energy unit) fund of settle accounts allowance, the unit that offer choice offers seminal fluid to culturist according to the favourable price after allowance.
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