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The 4 act after calamity close to the industry that raise a pig grows quickly
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This year 1, Feburary, county of in relief new moon suffers the freezing disaster that does not encounter 50 years, the course of study that raise a pig got be affected badly, to resume the production after calamity as soon as possible, county of in relief new moon takes 4 strong step, expand hog production energetically, through the effort of a quarter, the live pig of entire county is produced not only without reduction of output, presented good development state instead. Come to stopped on April 20, amount of livestock on hand of live pig of entire county of in relief new moon one hundred and fifty-eight thousand two hundred, give column one hundred and seven thousand five hundred, compare respectively go up growth of year of the corresponding period 9.4% with 2.6% .

; ; ; ; expands hog production to let a farmer let go, yang Shuo was to begin can numerous sow actively to be sure to work above all. Prefectural pasturage bureau and Chinese protect money risk company to cooperate closely, carry out seriously fulfil whole area can numerous sow is sure to implement plan, press this plan provision, insurance premium of every can numerous sow is 60 yuan, burden of its China home 48 yuan, maintain a conceit 12 yuan, compensate can be obtained after can numerous sow dies gold of 1000 yuan of insurance. To simplify formalities, convenient masses, yang Shuo is adopted assume corresponding insurance premium by the country entirely, maintain a share of conceited insurance premium no longer pay, and the insurance gold of every can numerous sow is adjusted accordingly it is 800 yuan. Current, entire county already ascertained a state insurance premium of can numerous sow is accessorial five hundred and eighty-five thousand seven hundred yuan, 13200 when will check through investigation can numerous sows bring into insurance limits entirely. It is to develop the belt of dimensions pig farm to move action next, give aid to dimensions pig farm is built energetically. Prefectural pasturage branch expedites professional technology personnel, the optional location that builds for dimensions pig farm, capital construction, introduce a fine variety, raise the respect such as management and epidemic disease prevention and cure to give instructor, promoted dimensions pig farm to build plan. Current, entire county already was fulfilled give aid to funds 1.1 million yuan, give aid to 5 dimensions pig farm is built. The blessing that is located in welfare to press down churchyard among them promotes kind of pig farm to already threw 500 thousand yuan, extend pig farm 60 mus, build column to abandon 300 square metre. Entire this year county will build manhood to give column 10000 pig farm 1, field of 300 above sow 1, extend hoggery 2, add column newly to abandon 30 thousand much square metre, add a sow newly 4000, fleshy pig gives column to grow 10% .

; ; ; ; at the same time, yang Shuo still begins science and technology to groom energetically the job. Raise pig technology level to raise a farmer, county of in relief new moon passes go to the countryside of science and technology, hold technical chair, begin a technology to seek advice wait for a form, begin the technology that raise a pig to groom energetically the job. This year January, yang Shuo raises pig technology personnel to hold the technology that raise a pig to groom to 9 villages and towns such as Bai Sha, grape, Jin Bao class 9 period, groom breed a 2400 much people; During the Spring Festival, constituent technology personnel is passed " 3 go to the countryside " activity, begin a technology to seek advice, accept masses to seek advice from a number in all 5000 much person-time, extend technical data 6500 (book) . The 4th measure is firm catchs live pig " spring prevent " the job. Accuse to send foot-and-mouth disease of disease of blue ear of ill sex pig, pig high to wait for great animal epidemic disease to prevent, county of in relief new moon is becoming the basis that good conduct propaganda works energetically, organize 5 in time " spring prevent " direct form, thorough countryside is directive " spring prevent " the job; Increase capital investment, entire county is devoted " spring prevent " funds 250 thousand yuan, use at buying spring prevent wait for material with the label of vaccinal, immunity, card that register, extend animal epidemic prevention member the expenditure such as allowance of delay one's work. Current, yang Shuo already immune inject live pig 74 thousand, immune density amounts to 96% above, archives of immune label, immunity extends rate amount to 100% , entire county live pig is produced healthy and rapid development.
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