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Double collect development: Will build produce per year 200 thousand hoggery
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Double collect development to express now, will with control a partner double collect industrial group to be opposite jointly accuse river of share company Luo double collect limited company of 9 Xin animal husbandry to undertake adding endowment, in order to build year pig of 200 thousand commodity breeds a column factory. This project is double collect development to added hair collect capital to invest a project 2002, according to the plan arrangement of the project, breed those who enter commodity pig level next, build pig of year of commodity giving column 200 thousand commodity pig breeds a factory.

Double collect development will contributive fifty-three million three hundred and sixty-five thousand eight hundred yuan, financing source increases hair collect capital for the rest of this project, add hair collect capital to be not worth a part to be solved by company own reserves, double assemble industrial group contributive seventeen million seven hundred and eighty-eight thousand six hundred. Add endowment after finishing,

Double now the quarterly reports that collects development to be announced at the same time shows, although rise in price because of food, product sales volume expands wait for an element, double the business income that collects development grows 63.52% considerably, but rise in price as a result of pig price, flesh price and main goods and materials with etc element, double the net gain that collects development head season compared to the same period small fall 3.87% .