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The expert analyses the consideration that prevents death of lactation young pig
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Survival rate of lactation young pig is low, it is one of bunch of main factors that circle health of the industry that raise a pig to develop all the time, it is a when mirror intensive to change hoggery to produce a standard main index more, immediate impact changes the economic benefits of hoggery to intensive. Because condition of physiology of oneself of lactation young pig reachs the influence of environmental element, often bring about lactation young pig to die in great quantities, provisions breed production brings severe loss. According to the report, the sow that the rural farmer with at present poorer condition of our country country raises dispersedly, mortality of pig of its lactation young is taller, can amount to 40% the left and right sides, mortality of pig of young of miniature pig farm is in 20% - 25% the left and right sides. Accordingly, analyse the reason that lactation young pig dies, adopting should be to reduce a risk to measure, shift cost-effective necessary work.

One. Die reason

It is to raise administrative field. (one) freeze to death. Foal pig adjusts first the physiology function of temperature is not perfect, add be mixed less by Mao Xi hypodermic and adipose wait for an element less, inHeat preservationThe pig farm Chang Yinhan with poor condition is cold and be frozen to death.

(2) pressure dead, walk dead. Sow maternity is poorer, or postpartum sicken, environmental uneasiness is static, bring about a sow grumpy, add puny young to the pig cannot be sheered in time and be stepped on dead by the sow. Sometimes piggery environment temperature is low, mat grass is too thick, young pig hides in mow, or it is young pig falls in sow leg, lie below the abdomen, be pressed easily also dead by the sow or walk dead. (3) starved to death. Sow maternity is poor, postpartum be suckled less or do not have a grandma and through result of measure of stimulate the secretion of milk not beautiful, the tit has loss, postpartum inappetence, number of place kitten pig is more than a sow effective tit is counted and when fosterage is not successful, young pig all can die because of hunger.

(4) bite dead. Young pig is in certain should stimulate a condition (crowded, empty temperamental quantity not beautiful, light lacks certain nutrition substance in too strong, diet) next conferences appear to bite end or bite ear cacoethes, bite late unripe bacterium to affect, serious meeting dies; Certain maternity is poor (have cacoethes) , the sow of serious postpartum and hidebound, thirsty be agitated has antenatal the phenomenon that bites pig having a son; Young pig is when fosterage, some baby-sitter pigs can bite fosterage young pig or bite dead.

2 it is sow respect

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