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Kitten of scientific canal sow is much strong
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Adjust fetal age structure

Generally speaking, function of breed of 6 embryoes sow is in 3 ~ optimal period, to assure the group breed force of the sow, this one embryo age appropriate maintains the sow of level to be controlled in 60 % , sow of the first-born, 2 embryoes is 30 % ~ 35 % , 7 embryoes above is 5 % ~ 10 % .

   Choose mothball sow

Mothball sow stays in a lunar choosing, the method is to combine genealogical and progenitive function, anthology keep growth good, nipple is much and big and it is normal to do not have unusual, nipple and vaginal orifice, requirement hind leg is open at the same time, had better be interval of head of two releaser milk bigger, there is the sow have seed stock of 3 pairs of nipples before hilum. Anthology after staying, proper limitation is raised, do not make a sow too fat or too thin, achieve cannot see vertebral, rib, but can feel vertebra, do not feel rib. Before hybridization 2 weeks begin feed in raw material, achieve daily 2.5 kilogram of 2 ~ . Feed nutrition level achieves crude protein 16 % left and right sides, demand of mineral, vitamin is sufficient.

   Anthology ablactation definitely opportunity

To prevent the happening with phlogistic breast, the sow should be decreased stage by stage in before ablactationing 3 days makings control to 2 kilogram. But the to promote a sow oestrus after ablactationing and increase oviposit number, should use high grade feed (thick albumen ≥16 % of ≥0.8 of kilogram of / of thermie of ≥3.1 of % , metabolizable energy, lysine) , feed quantity can give according to fat affection daily 2.6 kilogram of 2.3 ~ .

   Do good pregnancy to raise

The sow executes hybridization 2 times commonly, 3 weeks arrive since the 2nd day of the 2nd hybridization after hybridization, should furnish feed of low energy low albumen (≤14 of general thick albumen % , metabolizable energy 3.1 thermie of 3 ~ / kilogram) , day feeds a quantity to be in 2 kilogram of 1.5 ~ , otherwise, because the meeting collects appetite overmuch and of influence progestational hormone secrete, increase embryonic death, reduce kitten number.

From be pregnant the 4th considerate 80 days, should continue of feed of low energy low albumen raise, but day feed quantity wants than be pregnant early days increases 0.3 ~ 0.5 kilogram, achieve daily 2.3 kilogram of 1.8 ~ , this phase must assure the fat affection with appropriate sow. If master not easily, accomplish “ peace is thin not fat ” , because excessive raise feeds bosom pregnancy,can bring about lactation anorexia, appear without secrete or little secrete disease, or weightlessness is too much, after the influence embryo second progenitive force.

   Be pregnant later period management

From be pregnant 80 days to have litter, to assure fetal mushroom, raise young pig be born to reach healthy level again first, appropriate of sow of this one phase feeds feed of high-energy high protein, day feeds a quantity to be in commonly 2.8 kilogram of 2.3 ~ . The sow has the drive of helminth of body inside and outside 2 weeks in antenatal, antenatal a week undertakes body expresses disinfection to turn into kitten to abandon (bed) .
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