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Defeat a few measure of disease of the high fever that solve a pig
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The pig high fever that a few province city of our country of before one phase produce to be a feature high with body temperature rise is ill, affected our country badly to raise the healthy progress of pig course of study. The our city also just happens from time to tome personally, to the live pig of the our city production caused certain loss. The ill material that carries clinical to 20 case undertakes PCR detects, blue ear ill positive is led 100% (20/20) , cirque virus ill positive is led 40% (8/20) , positive of puppet wild dog is led 40% (8/20) , positive of SARS sex swine fever is led 10% (2/20) , add positive of body of red blood cell to lead 90% (18/20) , swine flu and pig infectivity pleura are pneumonic all be negative, depart arrives pig coccus of coliform organisms, grape two. All be mixture infection, least 3 kinds, much person 5 kinds.
Filling column of pig of case study young is non-standard go up as a result of pig price recently raise, many pig farm fill in great quantities column. A few pig farm are not introduce from kind of pig farm that runs a standard, however from trade the market is introduced. As a result of the pig origin is complex, immune circumstance is differ, together with does not understand the epidemic situation of pig source ground, introduce late disease, mortality is tall, the loss is severe. Because do not have,undertake keeping apart at the same time, the pig that individual pig farm introduces not only comes on, return those who cause pig of former amount of livestock on hand to come on.
Raise management optional location of non-standard some pig farm is unscientific, too close from main road, village, do not have enclosure again, extend in all directions, the dealer reaching a pig of feed of medicine selling animal comes in and go out at will; Processing of mucky make water is non-standard, sewage crosscurrent, midge fly is caused, disinfection is not strict, for the pig disease happening buries next hidden trouble.
Before immune have an inoculation is non-standard one phase because pig value is inferior, a few pig farm ignored the epidemic prevention of disease of swine fever, La Er; Some pig farm immunity plan to make unscientific, use the immune program that others recommends at will, do not undertake antibody is monitored, although inject vaccine does not have generation antibody, do not rise to protect action, give the pig is tall pyretic happening to leave snake in the grass thereby.
A few immunity restrain sexual disease to be like disease of disease of virus of La Er disease, cirque, asthma to wait for existence, make the immune force of airframe is reduced, erupt simultaneously thereby or afterwards sends all sorts of diseases, bring about a variety of pig disease to mix infection.
Animal is examined and approve with biological product be like pig oedema ill vaccine not in time up to now the whole nation has number of normal approval article without, blue ear ill vaccine breaths out what animal grinds to destroy live vaccine has normal approval article number only, to the pig ill prevention and cure brings certain difficulty.
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