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Does live pig rise in price can corn rise much sea?
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The near future always sees the state is certain branch all the time live pigThe pricerise attribute a fault to rises in price to corn, undertake a series of hitting press the measure of the market to this. So what part did corn have after all in the process that live pig rises in price?

We make a calculation first.

Had learned the relation of the price and value, value decides the value, supply demand relations affects the price. So how many does the cost of one first-born pig have after all? It is with Heilongjiang area exemple, flesh of makings of a pig can achieve than the standard 2.8: 1, high grade makings can achieve 2.3: 1 or 2.5: 1.

We press 2.8: 1, 200 jins give column consideration, need 560 jins to expect, among them the first phase needs 168 jins, need 153.08 yuan; The 2nd phase needs 336 jins to expect, the price 285.74 yuan; The 3rd phase needs 224 jins to expect, the price 338.79 yuan, altogether 777.6 yuan. Assume some manufacturer use corn only, so cost is controlled in 780 yuan. A cost of 30 jins of piggy 420 yuan, altogether cost is in 1200 yuan. Pig of a jin of wool 6.5 yuan, sell bade 1300 yuan, finally only remnant 100 yuan stand, still do not include the charge such as artificial water and electricity.

See this price appear the concern that corn and live pig breed is giant, and it is prime criminal. But we should see, this cost still basically is on the price of young pig, 35% what hold whole cost. And actually price of normal young pig is in 6-7 yuan / jin, a cost of 30 jins of piggy reduces an in part much still, breed a profit space that still has 300 yuan at least so.

The addition that so we see live pig cost prime criminal is not corn it is pig itself.

Live pig rises in price and cost concern is not big, point to adventitious a sow can give birth to how many piggy, but the cause that creates this situation is live pig amount of livestock on hand the quantity is little, it is live pig amount of livestock on hand not just the quantity is little, the sow is planted drama of quantity of pig amount of livestock on hand is decreased bring about young pig amount to drop, content with rare for expensive, young pig price goes high continuously of course.

What reason caused drama of live pig amount to decrease? Once pig cheap is hurt farming it is a respect only, in fact amount of live pig of the our country end 2006 is larger still, and our country live pig breeds a few years to be shown all the time increase a current continuously, and this year should be the period that price of a pig rises, breed an impossible for no reason at all to abandon pig of preserve one's health. The fact that cannot ignore on one hand additionally is pig disease. Main reason returns phenomenon of abnormality of live pig price this year is pig disease, through breeding the preliminary investigation of the circumstance to countrywide each district, pig disease brings about live pig to die in great quantities, ill epidemic disease impossible to defend effectively, the live pig of go to the bad almost nine times out of ten can die. Breed a short of of the live pig that raise a head to sell go out to have a risk, once death is sure principal is not had,return, this kind of state although corn also won't have how many person to raise a pig to the likelihood in vain, the cost because of one first-born pig is 300-400 yuan, and cautious favour survives actual and highest profit does not cross a pig also is hundreds of yuan, month of 4 half and half goes to cycle of a hog 5 months, those a few money does make? If increase,breed a quantity, devoted gale risk is big also, once deficit is a deathblow.
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