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The pig is anonymous of high fever disease preliminary diagnose reach prevent ma
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Alleged " the pig is anonymous high fever disease " , it is to show the temperature after pig sicken is elevatory 40.5 ℃ above, treat with antibiotic not antifebrile or the temperature after antibiotic cooperates febrifuge to use is only and brief drop, disable the 2nd times with medicine; Be fed less or do not feed, advance gradually sex is angular, exceeding exhaustion, dung works hard or have loose bowels. This disease is not pure a kind of disease, however a lot of kindDiseasefloorboard, basically swine fever, pig adds segment of a circle of disease of body of red blood cell, pig body disease and pig grippe, in recent years each district all has the happening of different level and popularity. Some basic level vet, dimensions is changed pig farm and the specialist that raise a pig, because lack understanding, understanding to this disease, use drug blindly, an expenses for medicine sufferring from a pig is little criterion 7, 8 yuan, many 20, 30 yuan, but still effects is very small. Actually " the pig is anonymous high fever disease " not terrible, the key is how to be diagnosed, differentiating is why to be planted the disease is caused, use after prevent accordingly make step, can achieve remedial goal. Will cause now " the pig is anonymous hot disease " a few kinds of diseases are preliminary diagnose reach prevent formulate a method shallow narrate as follows, the hope can be mixed to broad pig farm raise pig door in order to help.

1 swine fever

Swine fever is by swine fever virus causes a kind spiritedInfectIll, common calls sodden bowel acute communicable diseases.

1.1 popular characteristics basically infect origin illy originally is ill pig and belt poisonous pig. Below natural condition, do not distinguish the age, sexual distinction and breed, can happen all the year round; In swineryCome onLead 100% , mortality 95% above; All disable with medicine of amine of antibiotic, sulphur and febrifuge cure; Often be to have 1 first, 2 pigs come on, also affect subsequently via large quantities of 1 week of or so pigs come on.

Temperature rise of body of ill pig of 1.2 clinical symptoms arrives high 40.5, 41.5 ℃ (seldom exceed 41.5 ℃ ) , and delay, appetite decreases or abandon absolutely, happy event water; Eye conjunctiva agnail, pour out of serous sex secretion; First constipation, dry or dung is round graininess, be like ovine excrement, later period excretes dark black to take the rare dung of effluvial flavour, mix have blood; Exceeding and feeble, be addicted to sleeps, make lot one case, when driving, gait is faltering, back hump, head end is flagging, the abdomen is constrictive; Haemorrhage nods skin occurrence red, gradual change is blue violet splash, press with finger when pressing, do not fade, ear ministry, the rear reachs abdominal cyanosis. Constant classics 4, 7d and die, also some course of diseases are about 2, 3 weeks.
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