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City of pig of second half of the year was looked into 2008
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The monitoring data that releases according to national Department of Commerce shows, in June 10~15 day, the whole nation 36 big in pork price of the city dropped 0.3% . Drop with pig price contrary is, the cost such as feedstuff rises ceaselessly however, ceaseless nibble raises pig profit.

One, demand not flourishing pig price rises hard

According to trade public figure predict, 6~7 month is this year piglet dies because of calamity of southern rain snow during the Spring Festival appear on the market time, many piglet death may bring about market supply to decrease, pig price can continue to rise.

But in reality, according to the data of the many systems that monitor, 5~6 month, pig price whole shows downtrend. Worry about the personage that raise a pig, pig price may continue to drop in July.

Of pig price drop, general analysis thinks, market demand not flourishing is main factor. According to investigation, at present countrywide live pig trades the market is common not flourishing. Seasonal element and prices rise disappear drops painfully two elements join forces brings about current market to decrease to porky demand. And in at present domestic live pig trades in, breed medicinal powder door live pig price basically peddles dominant by the pig, in demand not below the market mood of flourishing, the pig peddles can intended depress to buy the price, pig price is shown drop trend.

In addition, from the point of long-term element, adjusting control policy of the government is far-reaching to pig price, restrain to pig price apparent.

2, cost rocket profit is decreased thin

Calcium hydrophosphate has risen now reach 2000 yuan / ton, the beans dregses of rice achieve the history new tall, corn price lasts exalted, feed price also rises again. Calculate roughly according to feed trade public figure, makings of pig of every packets of total value should be compared the corresponding period rose last year 20~25 yuan. Raise a pig rough estimation, sheet because of feed price rise, the feed cost of every pig should raise 200~250 yuan. And piglet price is compared the corresponding period rose last year 80% , partial area has achieved 600~650 yuan / first, such calculation, if buy the raise of piglet fatten pig to raise cost nearly 2000 yuan / first, this is raised to coming loose door for, the risk is great.

Occupy large to the part hoggery visit investigation, they state second half of the year prepares to reduce pig of amount of livestock on hand 3~4 to become this year, breed density in order to reduce, reduce epidemic disease risk, more important is to face feed to rise in price, avoid market risk.

To from numerous the hoggery that raises oneself, profit is opposite better. This year although wool pig price is taller than last year, but profit is not as good as last year. They were calculated roughly this year the pig farm profit of 5~6 month, with second half of the year was mixed last year this year compare first quarter, have drop slightly. Analyse according to them, this may be a signal, price of pig of second half of the year still can maintain relative stability possibly this year, but profit will apparent fall. They suggest a few medium, small-sized hoggery are mixed medicinal powder raise a psychology with should have definite to prepare, better answer profit low ebb, breed a risk in order to reduce.
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