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Aquaculture is being experienced " low fan " period
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After going up greatly, have drop greatly, as the stock market, aquaculture also is being experienced such one " low fan " period. Since this year, as feed and labour cost rise, raise chicken to raise pig property price to be maintained continuously however in inferior level, base of production of the countryside that the our city regards China as 3 yellow chicken, lean lean hog also is faced with how to cast off predicament --

"Gallinaceous price drops generally this year, gallinaceous seedling price has 1 yuan many only feather, some places sell 0.4 yuan even / jin, processing feeds a fish to a few owner. Really distressed! Nevertheless this is the thing in expect, also let us see a fact clear: Market competition is brutal, adjust an enterprise develop way ceaselessly only according to vicissitude of the market, this ability is the development direction of the industry, do an enterprise to just have so win the home truly! " to such circumstance, the leader of association of pasturage of aquatic product of Yu Lin city foreknows already, also absolutely gives whole breed aquatics the industry knock noisy energetically write down " alarm bell " , give how will develop henceforth, adopt why to plant means overshoots difficulty raised a worth while and soul-searching question.

  After going up greatly, drop greatly, aquaculture encounters " ursine city trough "

This association leadership says, every give column now 3-5 of deficit of a fryer yuan, but the industry that raise chicken recovers to safeguard farmer interest to still hold to support value, the loss is very big also. And piglet price also from last year bottom every 800 reach 900 yuan all the way plumper arrives present 400 reach 600 yuan, pig water price also from every jins fall 8.5 yuan reach 7.5 yuan, approach cost price basically already, also be to step forward dimension difficult.

Cause gallinaceous price low confused main reason is " beg for be more than " , many breed aquatics enterprise and breed door see prices is better last year, enlarge the amount of kind of chicken, fryer blindly, amount of livestock on hand of our city of the middle ten days of a month was planted in May chicken achieves 8.33 million, through adjusting control hind the bottom still had 5.63 million in July, fryer amount of livestock on hand 70 million, still be than last year the corresponding period grew 30 % . It is Yu Lin not only, existence of total national capital raises gallinaceous line of business to had developed to pass big question quickly, especially after northward market is begged for be more than, the other place washs out chicken also in a steady stream sells past Yu Lin ceaselessly, everyday about 2 reach 30 thousand, undoubted aggravate the pressure of this locality. With " overheat " the atrophy that those who form sharp contrast is consumptive gross, because the country takes measure crimple money, the society consumes gross shrink, purchasing power also drops subsequently. Additional, because feedstuff price is climbed,rise, all sorts of cost such as artificial, equipment raise greatly, cause raise door dare not raise into the seedling. Of beautiful feng4huang2 company plum deputy always say, raising gallinaceous industry to make money to depreciate this year from last year is an expression of market rule, a the industry that raise chicken is by last year " inflection point " , adumbrative also future still may be two years " cold winter " .
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