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Breed an attention: Disease of near future high fever is sent easily, do good pr
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The bottom began in June, the whole nation and the growth that visit city area partly Yo becomes occurrence high fever of pig of pig, sow, child care to be not retreated continuously, breath hurried, whole body is aglow, this basically is by send ill sex high afterwards of La Er disease sends a hog 2 model the mixture infection such as streptococcic disease of cirque virus and pig causes, come on urgent, transmit rapid, mortality effect of tall, cure rate is poor. Division of Wu Yi of assistant director of institute of technology of De Lin pasturage is aimed at Hefei I save characteristic of pig farm disease recently, the experience of successful prophylaxis and treatment that combines ill to summertime high fever summary two years this, for me the province raised pig door to offer program of a comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment.
To sufferring the pig farm that the disease browbeats and did not come on, wu Yi division suggests to adopt the following precautionary measures:
1, the near future undertakes antibody is monitored, to boar, before be pregnant in pig of later period and lactation sow, porket, young, grow and the pig of fatten phase collects 3 ~ each only 5 blood sample, 3 milliliter / first, detect the antibody level of the disease such as virus of disease of wild dog of swine fever, puppet, La Er, cirque;
2, harm of cleared mould toxin, the easy mildew such as summertime corn, bran changes, the agent that divide mildew is added in feed " mildew gram is clear " or " mildew Wei Bao " etc, is precautionary quantity 1 ~ 1.5 kilograms? M ton, does when serious mildew changes, raw material add 2 ~ 3 kilograms? M ton;
3, strengthen disinfection, high temperature should use the aldehyde with strong penetration below tall wet environment kind disinfectant, "How to destroy kill " (by 1: 500 scale) or " Quan destroys more " disinfectant (by 1: 100 scale) , complexing of optional also choose is iodic kind of disinfectant if " 100 get the better of 15 " (by 1: 200 scale) , take pig disinfection, every week 3 ~ 5, periphery environment and equipment are implemental, every week 3;
4, the personnel with unnecessary limitation flows, forbidden from epidemic disease area introduce a fine variety or buy seedling pig;
5, the summer develops type precaution every months to use drug in full-court feed midrib, add time to be 7 ~ 10 days, optional choose uses medicine to combine below: Makings of every tons of total value is added " but fat element " 500 grams and Amoxilin 300 grams, or makings of every tons of total value is added " 80 % branch former clean " 150 grams, doxycycline 250 grams and Amoxilin 300 grams, or makings of every tons of total value is added " Fu Benkang " 800 grams, health Shu Bi 500 grams;
6, aggrandizement immunity is vaccinal, the immunity that makes ill vaccine of good pig blue ear is vaccinal, proposal immunization program: Kind the pig is complete group of vaccinal La Er are sickly poisonous seedling (sea interest firm produces " La Er is clean " ) 2 portion, after 28 days again aggrandizement is vaccinal 2 portion, later immunity of every 3 months 1. First pig of the commodity when have an inoculation is complete group of have an inoculation, seedling of weak poison of young pig have an inoculation 1 portion, pig of fatten of 30 kilograms of above is vaccinal 2 portion, a month again aggrandizement. In have an inoculation first blue ear clean vaccine after 7 days, to planting the pig is complete group of vaccinal pigs are streptococcic 2 couplet 6 price destroy live vaccine (sea interest firm produces " hammer is clean " ) 3 milliliter / first, aggrandizement of a month, later aggrandizement of every 6 months, kind swinery also can be in antenatal 45 day head avoids 3 milliliter, antenatal undertakes 30 days again 2 avoid. Young pig is in intramuscular injection of 28 Queen of heaven 2 milliliter / first;
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