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Price of newest future pig goes situation
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In each link of catenary of live pig industry, cannot ignore epidemic situation normal of this one blame breaks out an element.

Epidemic situation magnified normal breed aquatics is periodic effect, make amplitude bigger. To epidemic disease be anxious to make medicinal powder raise a filling column to be affected, delayed pig price fall after a rise. Dimensions is changed breed Xiang Jiankang to change breed change to be out of line make epidemic disease happens likely.

Among them, medicinal powder raise door to epidemic disease anxious more apparent, fall in current tall pig price especially, the area is divided to be as high as 600 yuan in the ministry when young pig price / first (20 kilograms many) when, the happening of epidemic disease means principal to not have return. Medicinal powder raise door as a result of the assurance to the market ability is poorer, more be change in dimensions breed drive next adjustment the market. But from medicinal powder raise change to dimensions breed, change from dimensions breed Xiang Jiankang to change the existence in breeding a process to be out of line, non-standard, unscientific breed aquatics and management give epidemic disease with an opportunity given by.

From the point of time cycle, breed cycle with normal live pig 18 months computation, around will greet commodity pig to give the summit of column centrally in June 2008. As a result of pig price rising, "Press column " the phenomenon makes reach in former years of prep above of weight of column live pig. Current, commodity pig gives column weight 120 kilograms or so, rose than 100 kilograms standard 20% , actually so filling column quantity does not need to increase 20% supply and demand to be able to be balanced. This can be judged probably, pig price is about to arrive at supply and demand the hour of delicate balance.

Farming division expert thinks, basically look this year 7, August send case of defect of ill sex La Er high. We get from expert place relatively openly information is: Today Xia Fasheng is large-scale the probability of ill epidemic disease is not very big. If this judgement is accurate, so, in early days filling column in an orderly way and below relatively sufficient condition, 3 quarters end or the four seasons spend predicting second half of the year, pig price can become loose. And because at present live pig breed aquatics still is with present price,coach, chase after go up kill dropping behavior to be able to make pig price drops fast at rising.

Health of breed aquatics non-standard, blame is changed make so that virus sends more complex; And commodity is big current environment makes of ill epidemic disease diffuse more rapid also, affect range is wider; The cycle of live pig breed aquatics is longer, if cannot change commodity pig smoothly,show, no matter pig price is much higher,be " evenhanded value " . This is reflected between epicycle wave motion incisively and vividly of it may be said.

Profit comes from the management that turns scientificly, and epidemic prevention will be accompanied breed periodic whole journey. Through epicycle " baptism " , animal vaccine domain has the bibcock enterprise of ability of abundant research and development to deserve investor attention.
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