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Farmer raises the measure of kind of boar
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1, choose thoroughbred boar

The pig breed that suits farmer to raise at present basically has Du Luo gram, big York, long boar of n duality of white, Pi Du, they all are admirable male parent. Kind when boar comes on the stage, be in commonly April age the left and right sides, should choose to accord with this breed requirement right now, and the eye has a mind greatly, the constitution is strong, human body is widened before, the hind leg is plump, arms and legs is mighty, hoof bears fruit character, standing posture is normal, size of two side spermary is consistent, male feature is apparent individual. Additional, should arrive to be planted normally introduce a fine variety of home of hog production field, want boar to field square all alone at the same time genealogical card and relevant proof.

2, science raises kind of boar

Actor is thoroughbred the body of boar besides the requirement is " not fat not thin " . Raise cures kind of boar, must notice nutrient condition, raise management reasonably.

Raise level and ration to make up: Raise kind of boar, should collect product of in order to to give priority to, makings of high grade blueness is complementary ration supplies means. Every kilogram ration contains crude protein 14%-15% in boar product, digestible energy 12.6 million anxious left and right sides, and should contain the microelement such as enough calcium, phosphor, salt and zinc, rich vitamin A, D, E. When should farmer still notice as follows when making up boar feed: The cotton that be a hindrance to of pair of boar sexual desire should not contain in ① feed dregses of rice etc, do not use unqualified calcium hydrophosphate, if contain fluorine tall. ② feedstuff should fresh, cannot use mildewy, degenerative raw material. Need not fatten pig condenses makings will make up boar ration. ③ uses the promotion that the technology is in a country as premix, farmer can be bought special kind boar premix will make up ration. ④ is comfortable plant at the country amaranth of bead of fry of the bitter Mai food that the blue material that boar uses has summer, fall, yam, seed; Dish of the ryegrass of winter, spring, bag.

Raise feeds a method: To prevent " careless abdomen " phenomenon, the proposal is in be not hybridization period to supply kind of boar everyday 2 kilogram control high grade product, blueness expects 3 kilogram are controlled, in hybridization period still should feed some of product more appropriately, feed some of blue material less, avoid by all means feeds rare soup makings. And introduce whole course be restricted appropriately of raise raise a method.

Move aptly: Kind the motion with appropriate boar, can enhance a constitution, improve seminal quality. Return the limb that can exercise kind of boar through motion at the same time.

3, reasonable use kind of boar

Farmer raises kind of boar, basically use this handing in, pass to prevent weight big, lengthen hybridization to use period, general but in 7-8 lunar age begins match first. But weekly hybridization cannot exceed 4 days. And need to satisfy the nutrition of boar, had better give kind of pig to add that day at hybridization feed ripe egg 2.
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