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The expert is analytic the reason that pig price drops
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The policy sex adjusting control of 1. country. This fleshy price rises, get in the center of take seriously of various government highly with the place, to stabilize pig city, stablize fleshy price, took step of a few adjusting control. For example, hog allowance and the can numerous sow that start formally on August 15 are safe, each local government also offerred corresponding subsidy to can numerous sow. Additionally each district government also arrives to live pig in succession the derate that each link of common people table had all sorts of cost. The the Ministry of Communication still was carried for live pig " green passageway " . A few places still put reserve on the flesh to the market, this pair increases porky supply, the effect of stable flesh price is direct. Anyhow, the adjusting control that can say a government is right of this flesh price drop have crucial effect.

  2. The addition of live pig supply. Since May, of live pig price rise, stimulated partial breed aquatics door filling column. New now round of breed aquatics live pig begins to give column, supply to the market in succession, the live pig supply on the market begins to increase. As we have learned, the phenomenon of insecurity of source of pig of a few areas had gotten alleviating greatly.

3. Seasonal the influence of the element. August, be the whole nation's most burning hot season, the food of people is more delicate, also entered cultivate birds flesh kind of the market off-season, demand is lesser. On the other hand, fish, birds kind, refrigerant article wait for product flourishing to sell have very good additional effect. Although the live pig supply on the market begins to increase, and did not rise apparently however to porky demand. Because this is below the rule of supply demand relations, meet those who drive live pig price reduce necessarily.

  4. Market price case dropped to cause rate giving column further. Also drove pig price to drop suddenly. Price sufferring a pig is climbed reach high " do not sell cheap expensive " influence of state of mind, cherish of pig of the store up when farmer rises in price makes work, be eager to giving column when price fall after a rise, of price of fragmentary area pig drop caused breed door panicky psychology, breed door give column in succession. As we have learned, a few wool pigs that are less than weight giving column also give column in succession, the live pig that the 70kg on the market controls is commonner also. Additional, price of early days pig rises, breed door compare cherish carry out, see the price drops to also begin to give column now. Drop in the round because of what this causes pig price. But this kind of phenomenon will naturally cause negative effect to the quantity of overall amount of livestock on hand of live pig.

5. Suffer the effect that pork imports. The data that publishs according to USDA shows, last year, the pork gross that the United States outputs to China is 164 million pound, now year only before 5 months, the pork gross that China imports from the United States amounts to ninety-six million three hundred and fifty-five thousand pound, add compared to the same period 45% . So it is since May, price of domestic live pig rises greatly, below the situation of pig source insecurity, how many does import volume have, although return the data that did not get be cuttinged truly, but comparing of before mixing 5 phase of the moon, it is a go even farther than for certain. Entrance pork increased the pork on the market to supply, affected the price of domestic live pig then. Additional, the United States' biggest pork production business and supplier -- , the company announced Shimisifeierde a few days ago, already with China one large trading company comes to an agreement, will sell 60 million pound to this company (about 27.21 million kilograms) the thin pork that does not contain feed additive, on the delivery before the end of the year. Although date of delivery is further, but also certainly will is right domestic flesh kind enterprise and the psychological influence with breed a generation certain.
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