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What feed is unfavorable feed a swine
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Fresh and tender broomcorn seedling, corn young plant and bright flax leaf contain cyanogen glucoside to distribute sugar system in these feed, the course piles up, mildewy or frost wither, special inside frond below enzymatic action, cyanogen glucoside gives off virulent hydrocyanic acid by hydrolysis. The second birth seedling after corn, broomcorn is reaped, the harm after classics frost is greater. Hydrocyanic acid although content is very few, also can cause a pig toxic.

Gemmiparous potato and its bine leaf are pale green bine leaf, cortical, especially plumule all contains black nightshade element, in the potato piece mix in plumule suffer sunshine illuminate to become violet the content in green skin is highest. Black nightshade element can stimulate agnail of alvine path mucous membrane, after entering blood, can damage delay head and spinal cord, the noxiousness in generation is paralytic. Ban in production become fodder with potato embryo, gemmiparous, part decays or bring the potato of green skin, should reach plumule, green skin first cankered part expurgation, abluent after thoroughlying cook again raise is fed.

Unripe soja and big soya-bean cake dregs of rice contain in legume feed fight chitin of trypsin, black, urea enzymatic etc, the dainty sex that gives birth to feed of the influence when feeding and digestive rate, cause have loose bowels even, influence weightening finish, reason soja cake dregses of rice kind should ripe hello.

The cotton that did not take off poison benevolence cake dregses of rice the cotton that reachs fresh cotton leaf to feed a swine swims to ask from cotton phenolic content in benevolence cake not prep above 0.04% , what the pig leaves cotton phenolic to ration middle reaches is the biggest be able to bear or endure get an amount for 0.01% . Earth extracts cake evaporate to perhaps fry time very fast only not evaporate, the destruction of free cotton phenol is less, phenolic content of the cotton in cake often is as high as 0.2% ~ 0.3% , this kind of cake must add the raise of vitriolic and ferrous ability that waits for a quantity with free cotton phenol to feed in ration. Did not go poisonous fresh cotton leaf feeds 3 kilograms everyday into the pig, piggy feeds 1.5 kilograms can toxic.

The cake of earthnut cake earthnut of degenerative corruption affects yellow aspergillus the most easily in deposit process and produce yellow aspergillus element. Once earthnut cake produces yellow aspergillus toxin, although classics evaporate boils indelible also noxiousness.