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How will strengthen the storehouse management of pig feed
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The setting of enterprise feed storehouse, answer to reach manufacturing need according to the dimensions of the enterprise, with convenient production, maintain production to move normally, be helpful for management be a principle, set the total library of a certain number of amounts and cent warehouse. The size of stocks basically decides according to the following elements: ① raises the dimensions of pig enterprise, structure and day to spend the amount of feed. The utmost of ② library capacity. The sort of ③ feed and expiration period are restricted. ④ feed purchases the far and near of the ground and traffic situation. Circumstance of have enough to meet need of ⑤ company capital. ⑥ is right of state of supply and demand of prospective feed market forecast.

Sound plan feed is purchased the amount is mixed batch

Generally speaking, of the enterprise raising dimensions and storehouse reserve capacity is relatively fixed, raise the amount that every quarter feed purchases pig company and batch so company capital condition and feed sort come to main basis affirmatory. For example the hoggery with larger scale uses total value formula feed, in capital more sufficient condition falls, can a month purchases feed 1 times, and the hoggery with lesser dimensions is OK 10 days of ~ are purchased 15 days 1 times. Time it is too much and too long, easy to be purchased the change that causes capital keep long in stock and feed nutrition part; Time is too short, buy an amount to the influence produces need or may make too less buy the price to rise.

Reasonable feed stores means

After feed put in storage store means has in bags and bulk two kinds. At present the most advanced method stores for bulk feed tower. Its good point is lower than building feed library cost, and because union of body of feed tower bucket is close together, angular frame prop up, feed is not contacted with the ground, can avoid ooze water, avoid pollution of cause of disease and the loss that cause because of rat sparrow harm. In addition, feed stores means also should be helpful for the fire prevention safety inside feed storehouse.

The quality of feed is controlled

Do well the quality management of storehouse of feed of the enterprise that raise a pig, it is a company production is safe serious content, also be to avoid an enterprise to suffer losing important segment.

Ensure eligible feed put in storage

To assure the quality of feed, before wanting to strengthen feed put in storage detect. The feed that the good, manufacturer that quality has safeguard produces credit should choose when purchasing.

Feed of put in storage is reasonable deposit

Should the different sort according to feed, deposit respectively according to the different time of put in storage especially in different position, abide by enter the fundamental that gives first first, prevent to because mix,appear put create the appearance that the time of feed keep long in stock of put in storage grows too and deteriorates first.
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