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The relevant issue that corn replaces with wheat in birds makings is explored
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Resource scarcity of our country feed, especially energy feed gap is bigger. Long-term since the main raw material of energy feed is corn. In recent years, the chemical industry that is raw material with corn (be like: Lysine, alcohol, amylaceous, brew) rapid development, cause corn to supply nervous with each passing day. Output year after year raises together with wheat, bring about this year the wheaten price of various places often under corn 100 yuan / ton above, those who formed wheat and corn price hang. This uses as for wheat cultivate birds feed provided cost basis. The article is brief the applied technique that replaces corn to wheat makes one introduction, mix for feed business breed enterprise reference.

1. Use a condition

Corn and wheaten feed always can differ very small, but because wheat contains 6-8% Arabia,wood gets together candy, cause feed to feed rotten viscosity in the generation inside enteron big, bring about an animal inferior to the digestive rate of wheaten nutrition. Wheaten part replaces corn but raw material of albumen of effective and spare part dregses of rice like the beans, corn of prep above of wheaten and amino acid content, but dregs of rice under the beans significantly content, if wheat is replaced, the recipe thick albumen level maintains primary level after corn, dregs of rice as a result of the beans dosage drops bring about certain and amino acid (lysine, revive ammoniac acid) drop the quantity is to cannot use wheat to make up for. Must add artificial complex to maintain amino acid content amino acid, and the cost of the recipe before the result can be replaced more than sometimes. Suggest to level of recipe thick albumen raises appropriately after wheat replaces corn, pay close attention to amino acerbity balance.

The element on put together and wheat are enzymatic add, the price when every kilograms of wheat is lower than corn 0.1 yuan when, can consider wheaten large proportion to replace corn, reduce the goal of cost in order to obtain.

2. Replace scale

With corn - the beans dregses of rice model the recipe is exemple, put forward as follows to suggest. Should use miscellaneous dregs of rice or reduce appropriately when branny bran replace scale.

Dosage of the wheat in birds ration: Cheeper birds 10-20% ; 20-30% of birds of medium, big, egg, must add get together with wood the wheat that carbohydrase gives priority to is special enzymatic or compound enzymatic.

3. recipe is adjusted

3.1 energy

Wheat is 3040 Kcal/Kg to gallinaceous metabolizable energy, under corn 200 Kcal/Kg. If wheat replaces corn 30% , energy drops is 40 Kcal/Kg, if do not add wheaten enzymatic enough,cause productivity to be able to drop. Consider domestic and internationally to make clear in great quantities, right amount add wood to get together carbohydrase can make the birds metabolizable energy of wheaten ration raises 6-7% , can make wheaten apparent metabolizable energy rises 7% the left and right sides (140-230Kcal/kg) . Fall in enzymatic action (assure enzymatic quantity of enzymatic vivid and rather than) , wheat rises 3250 Kcal/Kg by 3040 Kcal/Kg to birds metabolizable energy, comparative with corn, in add enzymatic circumstance to fall, wheaten metabolizable energy can be equal to have a recipe at corn.
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