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Handle 3 kinds of methods of pig feed
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One, acidification processing

Be not worth the indigestion that cause to make up for hydrochloric acid in gastric juice of lacteal young pig, answer feed to undertake acidification is handled. Can be in water or 1%-3% citric acid or lactic acid are added in feed, make the PH value of feed falls 5 the left and right sides, also can join the pepsin preparation of 0.3% in feed, can promote already so digest, can restrain the breed with alvine path microbial cause of disease again.

2, ferment processing

Take pink of Shao of sodium bicarbonate, rummy music, sea, hot knotweed each 50 grams, 61 medicinal powder 3 bags, tea 5 grams, the rhizome of cyrtomium, yam, tuckahoe, dried tangerine or orange peel each 250 grams, dextrose 500 grams, respectively abrade mix even, rejoin 6 kilograms of 5 eggs Qing Dynasty, fine rice bran mix divide evenly, add water to mediate to hand enclasp can become a group, let go comes loose namely (water content 65% the left and right sides) when, load container impaction to ferment, temperature must be controlled it is between 45 ℃ of 35 ℃ ~ , winter temperature low need builds plastic film and thing of other heat preservation. After 3 days, makings show yellow and have powerful sweet when malic scent odour, it is namely self-restrained " medical music is planted " , open is open in shady and cool place air reserves. When feeding, press coarse fodder pink 40% , wheat bran 10% , bone dust 2% , fish meal 2% , corn 45% , compound feed additive (microelement) a bag scale, mix in every 50 kilograms of feed match oneself " medical music is planted " 150 grams, add clear water additionally 50 kilograms mediate, temperature, humidity and " medical music is planted " identical, load feed next ferment via 24 hours inside container, need generation when fragrance of powerful and rummy apple, desirable feed with raise, daily feed by 4, feed 2 kilograms every time - 3 kilograms, build after eating every time feed some of viridescence juicily feed.

3, saccharification processing

The product such as corn, barley, broomcorn, contain rich starch, if undertake saccharification is handled, can make among them maltose of translate into of one part starch, can improve feed not only dainty sex, and digest more easily also. Put the product after smashing into container first inside, enter 2 times ~ next sufficient agitate becomes the hot water of 90 ℃ of ~ of 2.5 times 80 ℃ mushy, drop to do not make feed temperature rapid, on one can be scattered in feed surface thick about 5 centimeters drier, cover load lid or plastic film, make temperature maintains in 55 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ are controlled, need 3-4 hour to be able to make about feed saccharify, the feed with good saccharify, time of keep in storage had better not exceed 14 hours, make in order to follow along with it is advisable to feed, lest acid defeats metamorphism.

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