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Feed industry: Yan of of eight of of deficient of Po of sip of Zou of press an
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Scene bearing is in feed industry slow pick up

Because pig grain is in perch than lasting, and from 7 years since July, the government is right of the course of study that raise a pig give aid to policy stimulated the initiative that raises a pig more, the live pig amount of livestock on hand of countrywide each district measures what have different rate to pick up. Live pig price begins slow fall after a rise after 8 years March, the quantity of amount of livestock on hand of adumbrative live pig already entered ascendant cycle. Forecast according to center of information of association of Chinese feed industry, total output of feed of whole nation of month of 8 years of 1-4 39.2 million tons, grow 13.6% compared to the same period.

Corn of 8 years ago 6 months and beans dregs of rice the price is added compared to the same period fast for 5.7% with 52.1% , entrance fish meal the price first quarter falls compared to the same period 16.1% , and chicken of fatten pig, egg and fryer feed price rise compared to the same period first quarter 39.8% , 28.2% with 30.2% . Compare at 7 years, the cost pressure of feed business tall look forward to alleviates somewhat.

Review the history of feed industry, the gain ability that we can see feed trade and raw material cost price closely related case, the industry needs proper time to transfer cost pressure.

We think bearing of situation of current feed trade is in slow pick up.

Fore-and-aft unifinication be pregnant with is worn the conformity of the industry

From will for a long time look, economic growth and population growth formed the demand of tremendous animal produce and aquatic product, brought feed demand from this grow steadily, industry capacity increases continuously. A magic weapon that the industrial chain that makes fore-and-aft unifinication makes feed business show itself in industry conformity. We value the long-term investment value that makes company of feed of unifinication industry catenary actively.

The industry invests strategy

Be based on the analysis above, we formulate the investment strategy of feed industry, search can pick up from pig feed demand in be benefited, devote oneself to to make the fore-and-aft industry catenary, feed company that has taller safe limit. We recommend investor key attention to connect power share (14.14, 0.13, 0.93%) and new hope (9.41, - 0.07, - 0.74%) .

Key company is recommended

New hope - take advantage of an opportunity and for, increase pig feed proportion

Power share - have taller safe limit

Risk clew

Raw material rises in price extent is exceeded anticipate

Vietnam inflation is complete out of control

Bearing of feed trade situation is in slow pick up

Live pig amount of livestock on hand measures the promotion of demand of whole of step up feed

From 2006 second half of the year begins to come 8 years in March, because domestic live pig supplies occurrence shortage, volume of amount of livestock on hand drops, live pig price presents the state that rises continuously. 50% what our country's annual pork consumption holds world pork output, because this passes many entrance impossibly to satisfy tremendous requirement, 00-06 year 0.4% what import pork to take Chinese consumption only, demand breach basically will be satisfied by domestic production.
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