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The relation of disease of young pig oedema and feed nutrition
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Be in vast rural area, every uses formula feed or use condense feed to mix makings the farmer that has fed young swine, the metropolis when its young pig produces oedema disease by " diagnose " for feed toxic and to feed the manufacturer is complained, and make farmer arises easily " oedema disease is by feed formula feed and cause " misunderstanding.

   The pathogeny of oedema disease

1. Climate mutation is when weather is choppy, because ability of thin, temperature adjustment differs adipose layer and young pig cannot suit hypodermically cause gastric bowel catch cold catch cold, bring about indigestion, gastric bowel convulsion, diarrhoea, resistance drops cause oedema disease.

2. Feed suddenly condense feed

The development of gastric bowel function of young pig is diseased, all sorts of assimilation enzymatic exudation and content of activation need bottom are lead, in young pig the feed with many nutrient extremely high concentration is fed suddenly before 4 week age, cause oedema disease very easily.

3. Should stimulate ablactation, castrate, vaccinate, change son of makings, mother the multiple stimulation such as depart is coinstantaneous, cause young pig generation to should stimulate response, reduce to the resistance of bacterium of cause of disease, cause oedema disease.

4. Feed inferior quality

(1) the antigen sex of feed is strong. The beans in feed of young pig filling raise dregses of rice wait for soja albumen to exceed thick albumen gross 50% or the beans dregses of rice (or soja) treatment processing technique is undeserved filling raise of the pig that reach a young is inadequate, the antigen of soja albumen activationed the local immunity system that bowel, if young pig fails to produce immunity to be able to bear or endure,suffer a gender, criterion immune system often is in preparative condition, when this kind of antigen is contacted again after ablactationing, produced reaction of antigen antibody immunity, bring about dyspeptic, diarrhoea, produce oedema disease.

(2) the acid-base value of formula feed is exorbitant. A large number of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice were counteracted after such feed enters gastric bowel, make the active of pepsin is reduced. Many nutrition material without be digested adequately and entering bowel directly, make coliform organisms rapid and proliferous, bring about alvine path bacterium group division department is broken evenly, cause oedema disease.

(3) feed protein is exorbitant.

Before 8 week age, the digestive ability with young protein to plant sex pig is poor, feed the ration with a large number of protein high content, exceeded bowel of young pig stomach bear ability, cause gastric bowel function disorder, cause bacterium of cause of disease to breed and produce toxin, cause young pig diarrhoea and oedema disease thereby.

  Science prevents oedema disease

1. Science filling raise
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