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Live pig aquaculture and earthnut produce the caution that course of study bring
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Live pig produces the caution of acuteness wave motion

Epicycle prices rises, pork price rises the biggest. Among them, live pig produces cycle longer, breed means to be being changed to dimensions breed the objective reason such as change, but more important is, blame farming income rises greatly in the proportion in farmer income, farming by-product rises in price to be in to the appeal of the farmer progressively and abate. Luo Guangshun of villager of collect kiln village says fat city old town: "Common people goes out to work one day to be able to earn 100 money, a pig needs fatten 34 months, return so that take risk, meet disease, one pedal leg, do not earn money not to say, also must build even capital go in, raise a pig dirty, a lot of people did not wish to raise. A lot of people did not wish to raise..

With consumption link is opposite farming the strong reaction that by-product rises in price is different, the blame in the farmer farming income increases greatly, below the new condition that exceeds agricultural income even, farming the stimulative effect that by-product price promotion produces to agriculture is in however progressively and abate.

Live pig produces current difficult position, report goes out make sure the farmer is added close to contradict with what maintain price stability. Academy of Shandong university economy (center) professor Wei Jian puts forward, can coordinate both relation through 3 ways: Want those who enlarge a farmer to add receive channel, make its diversity, the blame that raises a farmer hard farming spend income. 2 should mix to agricultural allowance through strengthening the innovation of system of farming ground property right, the dimensions that enlarges agriculture is changed manage, reduce agriculture to produce cost. 3 should build agriculture safe, farming the system such as by-product reserve, form alleviate the mechanism with fluctuant price, make agricultural production maintains relative stability.

Earthnut produces stable enlightenment

Edible oil is epicycle prices rise " get the person that run " one of, among them with peanut oil most typical, mirrorred this prices to rise the apparent feature that suffers effect of international market element. In the meantime, also put forward to be below open market environment, if where manage develops international market and the new task that make sure home market supplies a relation.

Be located in short for the Yihe River to cover the county austral a mountainous area Ju, have many 60 enterprise to have earthnut to speak authority, earthnut exit measures the 1/3 that takes the throughout the country about. Chen Changna of vise general manager of industrial limited company introduces oil of grain of the Jin Sheng austral Ju, wait for earthnut as a result of the United States, Argentine, India advocate crop yield a country decreases generally, last year, price of international market groundnut by every tons rose 6000 yuan every tons 9000 yuan. She thinks, of price of international market earthnut rise, pull directly moved the first earthnut of world to export big country -- home market price of China, affect the market value of edible oil then.
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