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Prospect of earthnut carapace deep treatment is good
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Be in our country country, many earthnut carapace often is become bavin burn-up, honest regrettablly. Actually, the use of earthnut carapace is more and more extensive, have development perspective greatly.
One, extraction is amylaceous: The will clean, earthnut carapace bathe that changes without mildew clean, air, reoccupy disintegrator undertakes smashing, put the agitate inside the crock, add water rub to wash next, filter size again, crowded go moisture, put mash the precipitation in clear water, eliminate is sundry, good outfit of the sedimentary bag that use cloth condole works, finally again stoving or insolation, become starch namely.
2, make up feed: Contain in earthnut carapace thick albumen, cellulose, adipose with a variety of vitamins, it is the good raw material that processes feed. earthnut carapace abluent, insolation, after smashing, replaceable bran, rice chaff. Earthnut carapace pink and corn flour, soya-bean cake, bran, will right amount microelement and feed additive are blended even, become formula feed namely.
3, make beaverboard: After earthnut carapace passes chemical and anticorrosive processing, can regard treatment as the main raw material of beaverboard, the beaverboard hard usage that makes, and cost is inferior.
4, breed edible bacterium: Will clean earthnut carapace smashs with disintegrator, load polybag via disinfecting sterilization hind, the edible bacterium such as OK and vaccinal Xianggu mushroom, smooth stay of proceedings. General carapace of every 100 kilograms of earthnut can produce bright stay of proceedings 100 kilograms or so, benefit is considerable.
5, use at treating a disease: The inclusion of earthnut carapace is had fall blood pressure, fall the effect such as hematic fat.