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Country drug of 3 kinds of new animal -- fluid of silver-colored yellow inject
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Fluid of silver-colored yellow inject is the pure Chinese traditional medicine that gives birth to limited company of science and technology of Tai Ersheng content to develop development by Beijing preparation, was approved to be a country by the Ministry of Agriculture on January 11, 2007 drug of 3 kinds of new animal, certificate number is (2007) word of card of new animal drug 02.

One, name and lot number

Trade name: Fluid of inject of silver-colored yellow element

Current name: Silver-colored Huang Zhu shoots fluid

Approve article order: Animal drug word (2007) 010125233

2, bases and character

Bases extracts content for honeysuckle, Huang Qin, clarify a liquid lubriciously to Gong Zong for shallow palm.

3, pharmacodynamics action

Silver-colored Huang Zhu shoots fluid, have clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, the effect with announce lung wet dry. The root of large-flowere skullcap can have diarrhoea real anger, dehumidify is hot, hemostatic; Treat strong hot irritated thirsty, lung heats up cough, dysentery of have diarrhoea of damp and hot. Honeysuckle Qing Dynasty heats up detoxify; Treat lukewarm disease to give out heat, heat up poisonous blood dysentery, carbuncle ulcer. Vet is clinical and main use at cultivate birds diseases caused by external factors to give out heat, pneumonic asthma, in the meantime, fluid of silver-colored yellow inject has wide chart to fight bacterium and disease-resistant poisonous action, can prevent toxin to absorb, enhance immune function, reduce or eliminate should stimulate response, increase blood capillary strength, protective mucous membrane is epithelial with liver cell function.

4, security experiments

Institute of science and technology of animal of university of military supplies of the Chinese People's Liberation Army of classics of acute toxicity test detects, by clinical dosage use silver Huang Zhu shoots fluid its noxiousness is dinky. Acute toxicity test makes clear: The fatal dose of half of the tested animals that small rat abdominal cavity injects (LD50) for 3526.96 milligram / kilogram weight, the 95 % of LD50 are restricted to be 3980.2 ~ authoritatively 3125.2 milligram / kilogram weight, exceed clinical use dosage far (30 milligram raw medicinal material / kilogram weight) , so clinical dosage is safe.

Long-term toxicity test shoots fluid LD50 according to silver-colored Huang Zhu determine result, give small rat fill the stomach with the 1/5 of LD50, 1/10 and 1/20 dosage respectively, connect fill 30 days, observe the general position of bandicoot, analyse its to grow function of development, hematopoiesis, hepatic, kidney and vitals weight coefficient, all did not discover apparent noxiousness action; And classics pathology checks a proof, the heart of bandicoot, liver, lienal, lung, kidney, thymus, adrenal wait for organic organization to all did not send existing and apparent noxiousness to injure change. Reason thinks larger dose is mixed longer period of treatment takes noxiousness very low, fluid of silver-colored yellow inject is so clinical dosage is safety.
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