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8 years analysis of corn market level is forecasted
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The data that report of portion corn supply and demand published American Ministry of Agriculture in December 2007 shows, total supply of corn of 2006/07 year whole world achieves 820 million tons, total consumption 728 million tons, period end inventory is 91.82 million tons, compare period end inventory decreased last year 3, 5.22 million tons. Inventory is used than be only 0.126 since be nearly 10 years lowest. But 07/08 year, hopeful of global corn crop achieves 769 million tons, increase than last year 7, 3 million tons, total consumption rises to increase to 766 million tons 3, 8 million tons, promotion of hopeful of stockpile of corn of global period end reachs 109 million tons, inventory is used arrive than promotion 14% . Nevertheless, inventory is used than still be in in recent years inferior level. Taking one with another, new Year spends photograph of situation of corn supply and demand to alleviate somewhat than last year, but the trend that consumption grows is clear, in new year global corn stockpile still shows nervousness.

With respect to the United States character, because corn of American 07/08 year cultivates an area to increase considerably, make corn crop occurrence growth, make thereby period end balance increases corn of 07/08 year United States to 4, 5.63 million tons, be compared and character, period end inventory is 06/07 year only 2, 2.28 million tons. In demand side, consumption of corn of 2006/2007 year United States is 238 million tons, and total spending of home of predicting 07/08 year will achieve 260 million tons, total spending increases 9.1% . Among them 55.17% what feed demand takes total demand, it is 143.5 million tons, compare 06/07 year, reduce 5 million tons. But spending of American corn industry increases considerably, the seed of United States of predicting 2007/2008 year, edible and the gross that industry consumes will achieve 116.5 million tons, the year on photograph comparing increases 2, 6 million tons, amplitude is achieved 29.8% . At the same time volume of American corn export also appears growth. On the whole, state of supply and demand of corn of new year United States gets bigger alleviate, year rises knot surplus is small.

Domestic side, center of national grain oily information is forecasted Chinese corn sowed an area 2007 for 2, 8.05 million hectare, relatively go up year 2, 6.97 million hectare increases 1.08 million hectare, amplitude 4 % .

Predict the crop of Chinese corn will be achieved 2007 14, 8 million tons, relatively go up year 14, 5.48 million tons grow 2.52 million tons, amplitude 1.73 % . Consumption of feed of corn of 2007/08 year China is 9, 5.5 million tons, relatively 2006/07 year raises 3 million tons, amplitude is 3.24% . Consumption of industry of corn of China of eye 2007/08 year is 37.5 million tons, relatively 2006/07 year raises 2 million tons, amplitude is 5.6% . Consumption of corn of the home inside predicting year is 144 million tons, relatively 2006/07 year raises 5 million tons, amplitude is 3.6% . As a result of crop of corn of 2007/08 year home summary prep above in those days demand, because this is produced,need to be filled with surplus to increase to about 2.03 million tons, year profit level is 1.23 million tons about on. From supply look on gross, home market supply is ample, year writtens guarantee surplus presents growth state.
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