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Feed new product develops research tendency
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Below the premise that the feed industry of our country is continueing to maintain and raise level of technology of groovy feed product, be in in the near future in, a few kinds of feed will be to cause attention and the new-style product that get developing study gradually below.
Without feed of social effects of pollution
The development of contemporary industry and agriculture, be in while people brings progress, also added hardship. Medicines and chemical reagents of pesticide, chemical, antibiotic, harmful microbial the opportunity that waits to appear in food increased a lot of. People hopes to make food safe rise. Recently, standard of additive of the animal drug that the country is beginning to make green provision level and manufacturing green provision about the branch, feed, feed, showing production not to have feed of social effects of pollution is the inevitable tendency that the market grows.
The production that does not have feed of social effects of pollution has undermentioned and main demand: Remain without pesticide, without organic or inorganic chemistry poisons substanes, remain without antibiotic, without cause disease microbial, mould toxin does not exceed a level. Accordingly, the to additive of feedstuff, feed choice when production and quality control commonner than production feed to want a lot of stricter.
Feed of sanitarian special type
Nutrition is unreasonable the incidence of a disease that wait is in disease of the fat disease that cause, cardiovascular system elevatory. Accordingly, the flesh that has nutrient value to have sanitarian function again already, egg, grandma already made the provision that people goes after. If low cholesterol food, fatty acid food is mixed,microelement food is in be known stage by stage by people.
Produce sanitarian flesh, egg, milk, need is special production feed. Should have in feed recipe get higher than groovy level much " aggrandizement object " . When producing this kind of special feed, cost cannot too tall, otherwise, easy lose the market.
Zoology feed
Basis biology catenary (food chain) principle, build feed resource to be able to be used circularly with reproducible " zoology pasturage " manufacturing mode, decrease breed the enterprise pollution to the environment, be in especially big in the farm of urban suburbs, already faced environmental protection problem. The feed of these areas, besides the quality index of requirement convention, still ask to have very tall feed organic matter utilization rate and phosphorous utilization rate. Because this put forward " zoology feed " concept. Zoology feed includes: Nutrition comprises the good proportion that reachs animal need, the utilization rate of nutrient material is top; The digestive rate of feed nutrition material is achieved the biggest; Should make full use of uptodate zoology resource, do not use the feedstuff that causes pollution to the environment and additive as far as possible. All sorts of enzymatic preparation are like establish acid enzymatic, β - Pu gets together carbohydrase, cellulose is enzymatic, certain can decompose, the feed poison such as phenol of such as analyse, Chan Ning and of the microbial generation reaching place that defies nutrient factor enzymatic, overcome animal digestion itself effectively to digest the limitation of enzymatic department, make the many potential nurture in feed pledges passive content is used, raise the utilization rate of feed significantly. Small zoology preparation and additive of feed of natural Chinese herbal medicine are the additive with manufacturing zoology the most applicable feed.
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