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Risk of callback of legume perch oscillation is increased
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Since the reopen after a cessation of business after the section, domestic grease breed suffers southern rapeseed serious and stricken be hit by a natural adversity message is carried brace up the raise on all fronts. New fund borrows machine enter town in a large-scale, borrow even the beans attack on power to the limit of one's capacity, with linkage of beautiful beans inside and outside, produce resonance to rise continuously effect, period price in pairs is achieved piece new tall. The author thinks, because early days goes up too fast, brunt capital gains profit relatively abundant, at present oscillation somewhat aggravate, short-term period price may be faced with a callback.

Beautiful beans enters oscillation period once more

Go up oneself month of beautiful couplet store close pelt breath is appeased temporarily after the stock market is turbulent, beautiful beans starts from 1200 cent, successive 7 trade day is climbed steadily litre, return what be value orientaton with main area to rise afresh in the passageway. Domestic Spring Festival is worth to rest when on the station 1300 cent city, although pool wheat is faced to rise wildly during this, but in gain profit dish cast press beans issueing the United States to present an exalted oscillation to go situation. Until one week later domestic period city restores to trade, beautiful beans lends machine hype Chinese rapeseed stricken be hit by a natural adversity subject matter just breaks away from a horizontal stroke afresh dish area, connect a beans with home together strong on attack, broke through 1400 cent again. Nearly two trade day, conclude as what American Ministry of Agriculture looks into forum, expert beforehand beautiful this year beans sows appraise the area will amount to 71 million acre, accord with the market to anticipate, the Ling Meidou of benefit much information with new lack enters exalted horizontal Pan Zhen to swing cycle once more. This shows, at present beautiful beans is lying in casing moving orbit, in move back and forth of the loop in climbing litre of —— horizontal Pan Zhen to swing —— to climb the cycle that rise steadily steadily.

On one hand, amplitude of South-American soybean crop drops to already was become finality, make up for American soja to supply breach hard, and market demand tigidity grows, anticipate prospective stock will fall stage by stage to the history low the beans breaks through a beauty of the move that prop up ceaselessly up. On the other hand, below the circumstance that lacks new benefit much information in main area, beautiful beans often is included capital market oneself inside the severe impact of periphery market. The whole world is heavy to worry of American economic depression, the economic data that adds near future United States glides badly your fund maintains a warehouse more completely the volume drops somewhat, aggravate of period price queasy. This or license are in the bovine city of oscillation of this kind of wide cut to adjust pattern with explaining at present beautiful beans is where in.
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