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Chongqing should be contended for build hog futures express train or bus, see ho
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What is hog futures after all? It has what profit after all, can you bring so that each district joins dot of hog futures complete a business transaction to contend for big fight in succession? Should be Chongqing made again to this why to react? Taking question, the reporter was visited the personage inside course of study and concerned expert.

Why to want to contend for dot of complete a business transaction

Alleged futures, point to futures contract commonly, point to those who make to by futures bourse is united namely, the regulation is in some is specific in the future time and place complete a business transaction are a certain quantity of the standardization agreement of the content of mark.

In the contention battle that chooses in hog futures complete a business transaction, times special futures acted the part that takes the bridge for pull wires of Sichuan province government. To open each to raise a pig big province joins hog futures complete a business transaction to nod the answer to a riddle of contention in succession, the reporter was interviewed a few days ago times special Dai Wei of general manager of futures Chongqing business department.

"Create spot of hog futures complete a business transaction, the biggest gain is establishing the live pig sale price of the area to remove stabilization at can be opposite, offer live pig of adjusting control of as soon as possible to raise the basis of the quantity for local government, go up in what live pig price commands on certain level thereby drop. " Dai Wei tells a reporter.

Specifically, the value with hog the greatest futures lets breed namely door live pig can face the market ahead of schedule, assure certain profit thereby. In order to breed 1000 first-born the large breed aquatics of the pig door for exemple, every pig raises 100 kilograms, raise cost to be controlled in 700 yuan. In cannot decide prospective price takes the case of situation, breed door can use hog contract to enter option market to undertake covering ahead of schedule period keep a cost. When giving column to live pig, no matter how much the market price at that time is, breed a price that still can press hog contract to sell this 1000 first-born the hog, breed door the risk will get avoid accordingly, and live pig sale also moves toward the whole nation accordingly, when price of some area occurrence live pig passes low case, can make through countrywide market the price gets a balance.

And on the other hand, because hog futures trades,have certain amount and quality demand, it still can drive a farmer to transform original onefold raise pattern, promote dimensions breed aquatics to spend, and dimensions of live pig breed aquatics is changed be sure to reduce again breed cost, this is having tremendous stimulative effect to local live pig breeds and developing.

"We also should attend a war "

This year first half of the year, henan, Hunan, Hubei takes the lead in joining hog futures complete a business transaction to choose contention battle. Before before long, sichuan saves a government also for many times dispatch, the branch must take step related the requirement, squeeze on hog futures this time of express. For this, sichuan saves business affairs hall to return a proposal, the design that Sichuan should strive to participate in hog futures contract, make complete a business transaction is tasted and trade go in the standard, put forward to save advantageous futures contract detailed rules to this thereby, in order to promote the place of complete a business transaction that this province becomes prospective hog futures.
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