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Futures hopeful becomes live pig to avoid dangerous section is provided effectiv
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Pork is our country's biggest flesh kind consumable, live pig is raised all in all place is had in production of our country agriculture, in a lot of farming areas one of main income source that are broad farmer. This year since May, as a result of market supply demand relations fluctuant, countrywide live pig and pork market value are fast go up raise. And last year the hog market value of annual goes low continuously, breed door be in deficit condition. The frequent wave motion of spot price, body is revealed protect a value to avoid the importance of danger. Control fleshy price to be clutched effectively unusual wave motion, offerred to avoid dangerous section is provided effectively for the farmer, our country will roll out hog futures. When the personage is accepting a reporter to interview related association of Chinese stock raising, express, hog futures hopeful this year second half of the year or next year are timely first half of the year roll out.

Current, spot market of our country hog is more mature, the experience that begins futures successfully to trade is had on the international market, appear on the market the condition of hog futures is idealer. Relevant personage introduces Dalian Commodity Exchange, on agreement design, big business place chose lean lean vivid pig to regard hog futures contract as mark, weight is between 105 kilogram of 95 ~ , fat of live body of final costal region is thick in 25 millimeter less than, accord with a country the live pig of current level can enter complete a business transaction; In system of complete a business transaction, use type of vivid bodily form to have complete a business transaction, in option market, the buyers and sellers that expires to did not make the same score a storehouse can appoint a place in bourse, have complete a business transaction with the form of vivid pig, understand its futures to trade; On the choice of place of complete a business transaction, wait for 3 provinces live pig with Hunan, Hubei, Henan advocate produce a province to regard complete a business transaction of hog futures first selection as the place, 335 live pig that maintain with Department of Commerce lay in base and company of treatment of the large butcher that decide a dot to be a foundation, the hoggery with bigger, better reputation and butcher factory regard the dimensions inside area of choice complete a business transaction as storehouse of complete a business transaction. It is reported, as a result of " hog futures " the content in mark chooses agreement to wait for a respect with link of complete a business transaction, all exist with industrial product and other agriculture products apparent differring, accordingly, partial detail still is in thorough research.

The personage inside course of study expresses, hog futures appears on the market will be helpful for broad breed aquatics the farmer is dovish add close. Wave motion of live pig price has periodic characteristic, numerous farmer often rises in price in hog market level enlarges production blindly, the result is in beg for be more than, when the price drops, be immersed in deficit plight. Appear on the market trade hog futures, sufficient play futures discovers the function of risk of the price, avoid, can help culturist of broad live pig trade through futures the hog market value that prices knows future in time goes situation, reasonable adjust breed dimensions and raise cycle, use option market " after selling first, raise " avoid risk, reduce the blindness that production manages thereby, implementation stability is added close.
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