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Raised pig property prices 2008
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One, prices of the property that raise a pig is fluctuant case study

Pork is the main deputy provision of our country urban and rural dweller, the people takes traditional festival seriously quite, the effect that suffers dragon boat festival, Spring Festival and the Mid-autumn Festival to wait, together with the influence of holiday of a few golden weeks, inside every year live pig price often appears " both ends is tall, among low " the rule, the market affects total cycle time of economy of the industry that raise a pig often is 2 ~ 3 years, in last few years the sudden incident such as epidemic situation produces the influence of opposite hog market to be more than the influence of the market far, make original regularity not the rule, fluctuant relatively more frequent before, also do not have the rule more.

1, suffer effect of market supply demand relations, 2000 ~ during 2002, live pig price is in inferior price all the time. Happened first half of the year 2003 " SARS " , hog market is current and difficult, the part breeds an enthusiasm that raise a pig to drop, washed out partial sow, suffer to second half of the year " avian flu " influence, birds egg consumption drops bring about pork demand to rise. Accordingly price of live pig of second half of the year rose 2003, the course of study that raise a pig enters gain area, reach a peak to September 2004. People raises pig enthusiasm to be strengthened greatly, fill actively column, kinds of each are big 2004 pig farm is planted the pig demands exceeds supply. Because amount of can numerous sow soars, bring about began live pig price to drop quickly in September 2005. To June 2006 portion, pig grain comes than dropping 4.37: 1, was 2000 the nadir since, the course of study that raise a pig is in deficit condition, breed door wash out can numerous sow in great quantities. Sichuan happening is streptococcic reach in May 2006 after the portion the whole nation by south happen north " the pig is anonymous high fever is ill " make raise pig employment one disaster after another, amount of livestock on hand decreases, size raises pig door to dare not fill column. Right now consumer dare not eat pork again, although can numerous sow reachs quantity of live pig amount of livestock on hand to drop greatly, but pork price did not pick up inside short time. Till 2006 market of hog of the end of the year just begins to pick up, in the meantime, hair unripe abortion or stillborn foetus and young pig survival rate are low after sending disease of ill sex blue ear high to cause sow sicken, from go up at all aggravate the shortage of live pig and the hardship that resume production, a variety of reason certainly will are brought about 2008 live pig price all the way violent wind rises.

2, be engaged in those who raise pig employment coming loose so raise door more, raise technical level low, low to breaking out the lash-up ability of epidemic disease, via removing the wave motion of the market, the course of study that raise a pig produces cycle to grow, investment is large, epidemic disease risk is more than market risk, plus our country dimensions of the course of study that raise a pig changes rate low, these will affect our country to raise the stability of pig property prices.
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