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Suffer the processing of contaminative feed
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As the development of our country stock raising and feed industry, and the extensive development of feed resource is used, the problem of feed poison causes the attention of people gradually. Feed safety and sanitation matter to raise to feed the health of the safety of the animal and mankind directly. Be like the disturbance with British mad ill 1998 ox, belgian 1999 happening " 2 evil flower incident " because feed pollutes be caused by,etc is. In addition, because raw material configuration is unreasonable,have some of feed company, heavy metal and harmful material remain and wholesome index exceed bid, also can cause cultivate birds toxic reach its product pollution. Accordingly, the article exists like that to feed culmination and if the feed that pollutes by the place of poisonous and harmful material in outer shroud condition wheres use in cultivate birds try to summarize.
1, the pollutes source element feed pollution of feed, can divide for inside source sex pollution and outside source sex pollution. Source sex is polluted inside before commissariat is reaped, pollute namely, contaminative source is in coming from soil or consist in frond. Source sex pollutes the pollution after be being harvested namely outside, machine in feed, carry, store, raise feeds a process in, machinery of air, water, ground, treatment, carriage tool, store the poisonous and harmful material in feeding appliance adds place and a raise in cereal and grain feed, cause the pollution of feed thereby.
1.1 biology sex is polluted
Biology pollution is to point to by microbial, include the bacterium and bacterial toxin and mould and mould toxin, helminth and bug egg, insect feed pollution that cause. Feed falls in microbial action, decompose protein wait for smelly element of alcohol of hydrogen of ammonia, vulcanization, sulfur, dung, adipose decompose generation acid, aldehyde, these material are harmful to animal airframe.
After feed suffers mould to affect, produce all sorts of toxin, if yellow aspergillus element can make toxin of Huang Qu mildew produces in commissariat, bare mould produces toxin of bare mildew wheat after infection is wheaten. Bl of yellow aspergillus element is strong send cancerous medicine; and toxin of bare mildew wheat can cause bromatoxism. According to crude guess, the whole world is annual and average because the food that has 2% about at least pollutes mould happening mildew to change, cannot edible and raise are used, this sheer number is very breathtaking. According to international grain farming organizes a report, 1981 world corn total output about 450 million tons. Press the loss of 2% , because mildew changes,have 9 million tons of corn namely cannot edible and raise are used.
Standard of sanitation of our country feed set to allowance of aspergillus toxin B1 fizzles out in feed, see subordinate list 1.
1.2 chemical sexes are polluted
Chemical pollution source includes all sorts of harmful heavy metal, metalloid, organic compound and inorganic compound, main source has agriculture chemical (basically be organic chloric the pollution with organic phosphor) , chemical fertilizer, three industrial wastes (the N of generation - inferior aromatic hydrocarbon of nitro- compound, much annulus kind, benzene of much more chloric couplet and fluoride) etc. Each country has certain limit to polluting all sorts of harmful material of feed. (see subordinate list 2, watch 3) .
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