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The 1511 mode that raise a pig
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One. Basic idea
A farmer raises 5 can numerous sows, unripe kitten pig is all fatten, year pig of fertilizer giving column 100, income crosses 10 thousand yuan. Because it is only,one kind is experimenting and a kind of mode of try out phase, also can understand from the angle that develops zoology of new rural area to raise a pig so be is a farmer raise 5 pigs, build pool of a firedamp, the person increases income on average 100 yuan.
2. Develop a condition
1, piggery construction uses the land or piggery.
2, biscuit draw together builds pig house here, buy piglet, feed, medicaments and partial turnover capital. Want 50 thousand yuan or so probably.
3, breed seat traffic to carry more convenience, region of smooth Fan, upland, small country is optimal.
4, have certain technical level. The course of study that raise a pig is a small gain, hi-tech, the industry of high risk, should not oneself have a technology, should not a few look for a technical personnel jointly.
3. The technology wants a place
1, piggery building. Optional location is in relief is taller, ventilated exposed to the sun, fountainhead the enough, place that is helpful for epidemic prevention. Establish 10 groups commonly, among them 5 mothers pig house and child care are abandoned, 5 Yo are become abandon, every encircle 24 square metre (include field of the activity outdoor) . Want to accomplish column circle to design scientific standard already, be helpful for summertime sunstroke prevention and winter heat preservation, be helpful for environmental cleanness sanitation, want to accomplish make things done with whatever is avaible again, use local materials, save cost.
2, breed choice. The sow had better choose " grown " binary cross breed, hybridization is tasted by place change stand or company of service of a few kinds of pigs provides a service, with match breed to overcome boar for Du Luo, fatten young pig is " prevent grown " pig of 3 yuan of cross.
3, raise management. ① swinery from numerous raise oneself, forbidden introduce young pig from the other place. ② him feed is made up, make full use of rice bran, fine rice, bran, scum, cake kind etc farming by-product. According to the sow gravid the growth that becomes a pig with Yo level, devise different feed recipe, grow according to what differ growth phase decides its collect appetite. Initial stage can use the premix of other manufacturer first, oneself begin to make up feed when waiting for a technology to reach certain level. ③ strengthens measure of sunstroke prevention of winter heat preservation, summer, the attention is abandoned inside ventilated, the cleanness outside maintaining Sheneishe is wholesome. ④ is round-the-clock supply cleanness to water amply. ⑤ young pig should eat early first fill grandma, early to ablactation makings, early, raise young pig survival rate. ⑥ sow is seasonable hybridization, strengthen nurse measure, raise the progenitive rate of the sow.
4, epidemic disease prevents and cure. ① does the alexipharmic work of good pig farm and piggery. This must be carried out as the system. ② is correct, reasonable, appropriate immune program. ③ should achieve early discovery to unripe ill pig, early segregation, early treatment, early processing. ④ strengthens the business connection with local vet branch, accept the expert's instructor, do well of epidemic disease prevent integratedly accuse.
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